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My younger brother was fatally injured in a car acident this morning, ive been to see him at east surrey hospital. completely gutted beyond belief....

running my hand through his hair looking at his face for one of the last times

words cant do what im feeling justice

he wasnt driving his m8 was they were 2 minutes from my house on a road the driver proberbly wasnt used to

2 people died instantly my little bro and a girl called lucy he was in the back with


the driver chris is alive and in hopital maybe allowed out today sometime he has to face what he has done, i dont blame him it wasnt his intention and acidents are never intentional


im full of what if's and buts and if only's...


i could have dragged him out to southend he said he fancied it when i spoke to him this week


he could have phoned me id have got out of bed and given him a lift





toby and ant have met him, hes got a rover 416si with alloys and tints and a loud exhaust, i helped him fit his stereo and we always race each other home from our office after work if we meet up


cant believe he is gone

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