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problem with engine temperture


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hi i was woundering if any1 can help today when i got into my car the engine tremperature guage is giving no reading even after a couple of hours driving the needle is still down. does any1 know what the problem could be


also the heating doesnt seem to be as warm as usual



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ok so what am i looking for in the engine what does this look like is it on the drivers side yeah


on my 3i its under the thermostat housing, big blue based item with a plug coming off it, will require something like a 22mm spanner to remove, gonna have a look at mine later if i can be arsed or it stops raining :D

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hey, here is a way to test if its the sender, find the thermostat housing the sender sticks out of the side near the bottom at about 45 degrees and has a block connector on it, push the pin thing in, and remove the block, using a piece of wire connect the two terminals in there, go back to drivers seat, turn ignition on, it should go all the way up to the red, if so its the sender unit.

hope this helps

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