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Update on the RS


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went to the garage yesterday morning for 3 hour with my bro, he works there so we had a look what was wrong with the car.


well after an hour being there, drivers side wheel off all covers down there off, removed power sterring tank so we can get to look down the side of the engine


and looking down guess what we see, it was mt stainless steel powersteering cap cover that had fell off and got stuck in the fan belt and pulleys, and was stuck between the aircon pulley and tensioner, the tensioner is now egg shaped and have a new one on order so all being well be fixed for monday,


and at the mo all its cost is is the price of a fan belt,


so hopefully sorted.


i thought all the engine had completly fucked up big time when i heard it friday afternoon.



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no more nails is definitely a good suggestion, half the dash in my MK3 Fiesta was held in with that stuff! Never moved a bit though, so it did the trick!


Good news that it's not as bad as you first thought.


I once had a sound, which i thought was small stones hitting the bottom of my MK3 Fiesta. I got home and realised it wasn't, it was the fan belt shredding. i'd done 7 miles doing 65-70 most of the way, with no alternator turning and no water being pumped (the fan belt drove the alternator and the water pump on my old fez). So, as you can guess, i cooked the engine. However, the next day, after fitting a new belt, i changed both the oil and the anti-freeze and the plugs and i never had any problems, so I guess I was lucky. Also, it was a freezing cold day and I had a vented bonnet on that car, so that all helped! Actually, the heater didn't work on a cold day because of the cold air blowing in the vents, the engine never got to heat up!


Anyway, i think i've gone off the subject a little bit.



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