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id just like to say


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a mahhosive thank you to all the people who organised and came to the RR and cruise yesterday. i had a rite laugh, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. me and mat have agreed to take it in turns to drive up to the cruises/meets for EVO now, that way we save money and it was we had such a laugh driving around and jokin.......
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cheers Marcus.


even after my prang, I thoroughly enjoyed the day :thumb:


tis gonna be a yearly thing :thumb:


the RR you mean ;(

















(Sorry, ill get mi coat)


Me too lol :D

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yup, i even seen a few of ya at the cruise!


ahh, it was you then, lol. rach goes to me, this is phill. i was like erm.......hi, i hadnt a clue who you were lol


Same here LOL :D

Nice to meet ya mate :thumb:

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