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st170 discs/calipers


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rob standard gti discs are 240mm i think


i see now....my bad for not readin it all proper :rolleyes:


matt, make sure they'res enough room behind ur diamond cuts for calipers like these.... cossie ones dont fit behind em, well softspokes dont, and i can imagine they're the same from behind ;(

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who put cossy discs to rs 7's???


they fitted behind 16" cossy rims?


so why not 17" rs7's strange ;)  ;)


we trial fitted a softspoke over my brakes and the caliper spring touched the wheels ;(


;( hes not wrong :(, theres not enough clearance for the spring and the caliper is 1-1.5mm away from the wheel which could change when new disks or pads are added or infact if the brakes get hot, they could expand and reduce that gap and Fcuk the wheel or the caliper.......look at these pics of my wheel on robs car yesterday.......





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