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tsw evo-r's


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i recently purchased some 15" tsw evo-r's second hand. At the time of purchase they had no tyres but were in mint condition n r were goin quite cheap, so decided 2 buy them anyway as i had a cav mk3 which had good tyres but had kerbed alloys which i was gettin rid ov. n e way got them put on on banged on the car they seemed stick out from the car alot .i then got forced into takin me bitches parents to newcastle airport n they were rubbin on the outer arch(appear to be offset alot more ). i have been told n suspect there peugeot fitment. DOES N E 1 AV N E ADVICE PLZ??????????


would gettin lowering springs help as daft as it may seen because a fitted them 2 me cav n it greatly reduced travel.


PLZ HELP N E IDEAS????????????? :jaw:

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Escort offset is ideally Et38. Pug offset (106/306) is Et16.


There is a 20mm (2cm) difference, and with the lower offset of Et16 they are sitting 20mm too far out in the arches.


Unfortunately there is nothing u can do about this (unless u fit cosworth arches lol :D ) Rolling the arches is only a viable option if the rims are a few mm's too low, but ud need the arches flared 20mm for it to sit in correctly.


If a pug owner had bought Et38 wheels and wanted to fit them all he would have to do is buy 20mm spacers to lower the offset, unfortunately u cant make the offset higher (well u can but only if u get the wheel lathed/machined, and a engineering firm will only lathe 3mm max, as any more will weaken the rim)


Best best is to sell the rims, and get some in a ford escort offset ideally ET38. a few mm's either way shouldnt affect it too much. :thumb:



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