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Stupid question i know but...


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i have the same problem and i know why too. :innocent:



firstly whip off the rear wheels and hubs and make sure your brake shoes are servicable (still have enough lining on 'em) if they do i deffo gotta be the automatic adjuster which tends to stick,


i always gotta do it to all my 'scorts :thumb:


if its the shoes, simple enough just replace them - if you no idea how or not done it before and wanna try it urself either get a manual for reference, or note down which bits came off when :)


with the adjuster its pretty much straight forward, if you not sure what the adjuster is, it looks like a threaded kinda thingy X( with a little wheel kinda thingy on it - if anybody can explain better than me the go ahead .lol.


Gotta do mine next wk. :thumb:

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