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How many people on here actually smoke? I was thinking at the weekend while i was smoking a cigerette, about why i do it, lol and couldnt realyl come to a sensible conclusion.


Anyway after a few pints down the pub i worked out i spend about £5 on ciggerettes a day through the week and about £7 on cigerettes a day at the weekend. So everymonth i probably spend on average about:


£156 A Month On Just Ciggerettes.


So i decided to give up smoking and take start saving my money for my car and descent clothes.


Who else spends a lot on ciggerettes a month? its suprising if you sit down and work it out. :drunk:

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I smoke, Im ashamed to admit it, i think its a filthy habbit. If there was an easy option to get outta of it i would more than take jump at the cahnce at taking it. Specially as the missus doesn't smoke, my whole family doesn't smoke i dont have much money, and there a history of heart disease in the family. I ask myself why i do it. I think its time i revaluate priorities in my life.
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Being a non smoker £0...bloody hate it!!


If you do smoke chances are you WILL die of some kind of smoking related illness, causing distress to yourself and family.You will look back and regret smoking so stop now, live healthier and have more cash in your pocket to mod your escort!


Top tip of the day.........quit smoking!


*Al gets off soapbox*

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Me personally i dnt smoke, think its a terrible habbit. My missus smokes bout 10 a week. Been trying to get her to quit, she tried buyin the nicorete gum and they wuldnt sell it to her cause she aint 18!  :nutter:  :nutter:  How stupid is that!!!!!!


10 a week omg thats like 1.3 a day whats so wrong with that she dont need gum if she smokes 10 a week ive had 10 by dinner on a monday 8)

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tbh i don't like lasses who smoke

i find it a big turn off and leaves a bad taste in ya mouthwhen kissing them

also dont like the smell of stale smoke on clothes


my grandma died of cancer from smoking so ive seen what it can do to you and can't see why people would want to put themselves and their family and friends through something like that

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