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cahoot loans!


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anyone got one?


I've checked out various loan deals and shite and this is by far the best APR thing, and once I got me new job next week I'm applying.


thing is, does anyone know what they need? IE a few months old payslips or summit, or do you just need to be in employment?


taking out a few thou to sort out the mess left on my credit card, overdraft from being a student - also need a new car cos mines on it's last legs.


cheers! 8)

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I've never needed to post a loan company anything as proof, they just ask how long you've lived where you live, as you been there less than 3 years Mark they'll want your previous address (unless you say you still live at home anyway ;) )


It always looks better from their point of view if you stable somewhere living wise and working wise. They'll ask you all they need to know over the phone or apply online n they can only say yes or no!!! but beware they will fingerprint your credit file with the searches as you go along!!! successful or not!

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cheers Rossinda :thumb:


yeah, I still live at home. harumph. :D


well handy that - I'll apply next week then. :thumb:


as for my car being on its last legs - it seems to be fine now! the oil light kept on flashing and buzzing - turned out to be a short circuit. all other problems seemed to have fixed themselves - will change it sometime soon - possibly new year:D :D

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well me old man just told me about the police credit union thingy so im gonna use that for my loans for now. can borrow 10x wot uve saved, so if i have 700 quid in there saved i can borrow 7k over 5yrs :) rates etc r quite good 2



whats all that baout then? :)

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A credit union you have to pay into and be a member of before they lend you money out of the union, tis like all of Evo paying 10 quid a year into a fund then borrowing an amount later on  :thumb:


(something like that)


i'm involved with something similar. the company who i pay my payments for my head unit to, have given me a credit card type card which i can use in a variety of shops and as ibuy, it just increases the amount i owe em :)

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