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FAO those with piperX vipers!


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coming down the motorway just now doing around 80ish, saw a green thing in my lights then a big bang......thought nothing of it a big leave/frog perhaps....carrys on and gets to the end of the motorway and reach a seto f lights, another escort pulls upside revvin.....so i get ready o pi$$ off and then i stall :O considering av neva stalled since the 3rd day of owneing the car, try to pull of again and stal again (feeling like a right 1 now as the lights go red again) ;(


so pulls off VERY slowly, get back upto 50 on a dual carriageway and then go to floor it, and lose ALL power at 4k, fine up until 4k......


limp home then pup the bonnet to find my feeder pipe COMPLETLY mangled and to see a green tennis ball sittign IN my friggin viper!!!! it couldnt have been a more perfect fit!!


av had to stick a knife in the tennis ball to fold it and pull out i was wettin myself incase i caught the material :O


so now the vipers in the bath steeping (needed 1 anyway)


so this tennis ball had caught my feeder pipe spot on, flung itself up and wedged in the viper!!! how UN lucky is that lol


PS, i dont have anymore piperX oil, could i use diluted veggy oil instead to spray on?? if not, what is a sub for it?


regards a scared whitless aaron

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WOW just used taht 'vanish oxi shite' in the viper givit 30 seconds the material then sloshed about in the bath

DEAR me, when i was putin hot/wamr water thru the water was clear, after i dont this al the dirt came off!!! i have a clean/WET viper that needs dried/oiled and fitted by 10:30 2moro *gets hairdryer out*

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not on a round about im not, then on a dual carriageway lol


at 1st i thought it was the clutch that had gone, so just went v slow lol


vipers back on now with veggy oil sprayed into it :roll: :roll: :roll: took my mangled down pipe off and it soudns MEEEEEEEEEAN

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