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Possibly Last Pics


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Cleaned her last night, probably last time, cos i might not be arsed to clean it again before Rob picks it up!! Diamond cuts are back on now!! :cheers:






Will miss it, took the dump valve offlast night, and i have now promised myself that any turbocharged car i have in future, will NOT have one, itdrives soooo much smoother!! 8)


Bring on the 'cossay' :devil:

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great pics Kev, that really does look stunning. You have fun with her though?


Cheers Lee, yeah had fun with her mate, loads of it, some days i come in with thebiggest grin on my face after demolishin so called 'fast cars'!! 8) The es cos might not even feel asquick, but its an es cos aint it!! 8)

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