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ive been tempted over


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Ive done a lee, and yes, gone rover!


Its a Rover coupe Tbar 220 turbo tomcat, electric everything, half leather, and the best bit is just over 200bhp as standard, books at 0-60 in 6.2 and everywhere i can find info has a top end of 150mph. So its a bit of a sleeper. Its 100% standard atm.


So my mk5 with the 2k kit, and 2k interior and rst engine with samcos, boost guage, imob, loads of reciepts (even log book for the rst donor) will be up for sale soon.



As lee said crap pics are better than none, so heres some, hopefully stoo will take some 2morra.








half leather and electric everything



and the wheels im looking at getting....


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Ive also managed to pick this baby up. 50 shot of wizzards of nos' finest. thats how i plan to get a faster motor than k3v lee :D




but it'll only be faster 'sometimes', so not techniaclly "faster than kevs" :P :P


not knocking ya, the estate may well be NOS'd up on throttle bodies this year :thumb:

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should be a laf as itll be at least 250 with the nos, tell you what it get up the rev range well when you floor it at 70 in 5th, i think they can do a 1/4 in 14.8 or something, so ill hopefully be bringing it to the rwyb day :)


bet it wernt as dear as what kevs lookin at either :D

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