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Don't know if many of ya are footy fans but I am a Man U fanatic- and we just pi**ed on Arsenal- so to all you members (if there are any) who are Arsenal supporters- pay your respect to the best english football team ever to grace these lands-




And in the words of Peter Kay- AVE IT!!!

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Sos mate, but I had to tell all Arsenal fans who are the best ever team to play english footy. :D


And admitally we won't win the league this year- but as all Arsenal fans think that their team is the most successful team in the premiership ever- it winds me up-so I have to ridicule all Arsenal supporters when we beat them. :roll: :roll:


As statics show we are the most successful team in english football history- FACT!!


Where not the best team this year- but we are the best in history and until someone wins the quad (which chelsea won't do) we will always be!! :P

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