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car wont start


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Can anybody help me out


saturday i got into my car after not using it for 2 weeks and it failed to start , just clicked not even turning over , no power at all ( no radio/clock/lights ) anyways i took the battery out and charged it overnight , whacked it in sunday morning and it started 1st time


anyawys monday for work it started after the 2nd turn and then this mornin it totally failed just clicked , have taken the battery out and put it on charge and level indicates battery is only half charged .


what i am wanting to know is what could be the problem ?


i have checked thru Modifications and Problems > Mechanical


and there are a couple of people with the same problem , i just want to establish if its alternator / starter or just battery




Chris :thumb:

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i have had the car just under a year and havent replaced the battery , when it comes to cars i am a complete novice under the bonnet so excuse my ignorance


i think the battery might be the original one as its a ford one and the car is 1998 registered


i havent got any amps or anything at the moment only thing is radio and digi-clock




thanks for the advice so far :thumb:

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