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my escort what u think


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heres ma motor its a 1995 m reg ford escort 1.6 16v lx


lowerd on 40 mm spax springs n shox 17" fox 3 titanium

running about 95 bhp but doing engine this year wanted it looking good first got px induction kit stainless steel cat bk system with twin 5" rear cans still waitin to mesh ma bonnet rang out ov black mesh so had to find sum


full samari bodykit

custom bonnet n flushed boot

de-locked de-badged

full re-spray in matalic maroon



sony mp3 player with 6x9 inifinity rear

5" components front

















what u all think

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yea i have got a smaller ront number plate but not on yet i was goin to take the rear wiper off but thought might be helpfull on when drivin


plans are rs-turbo engine transplant

wantin to get flames for exhaust

n get inside either re-trimed on new set up still decidin tho

n boot install

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im from halifax


im wantin to go to sum shows this year its just tryin to sort cash out had to sort head gasket this week so :( hopefully gettin it bk 2morro mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


cant wait i miss ma car n cheers k3v ha yea i dd post on passion but it not standard so most ov em didnt like it

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