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help needed


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Just get the aerosol's from Halfords :cheers:


They do the primer you need, plus the basecoat (Ford Amparo Blue) and clear lacquer.


They're £4.99 each, but my local store has done a 3 for 2 offer for aaaaaaages.


Handy - primer, paint, lacquer.... 8)


Also get some fine sandpaper while you're there, in the packs available with different grades. You want some with the coarsest around 220, and the finest around 1200 :thumb:


Lots of guidance on the cans.... let's see the results! 8) :cheers:

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Cheers mate, big help,


do you know the best place to get a couple of tins from and what about a primer and top layer, as you can tell i have never done anything like this before is it easy to do or will it be better to take them to a garage


Piece of cake matey :thumb:

Grab plastic primer, amparo blue base and clear lacquer from Halfrauds (£4.99 each..), work slowly building up layers evenly then finish off with a few coats of lacquer. Job sorted :)

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