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Interior neon


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I want to buy two interior neons to put in the footwells again, but dont want them running from the bloody ciggy lighter this time.


I want to also buy two kill switches to wire up, one to turn on the interior neons, and the other to do something yet to be decided :)


I want to run a live from the battery so i can turn them on and off independently of the lights etc.


Can anyone tell me what wire to use, and how to go about it.


Cheers :thumb:

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i installed some 40 amp wire to behind the dash and used some autoleads distrubution block's to disritubute to the switches from there. i do have a mains inverter tho.


what i would do is use some of the quick clip wire splice thing's from halfords etc and use the power from the wires that supply cig lighter to power the switches / equipment. if the other undecided switch is to power a high curent device, such as a mains inverter. use a relay, and install some big wire from the batery.


hope that help's

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