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Body kit combinations....


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Seen the styling we like, but are unsure on how well they'll flow together....


For definate, we're talking an EVOTECH FRONT BUMPER. Defo. Not sure of how low the lip goes in relation to RS/GTi side skirts, similarly - how do the skirts match up to the ST24 rear bumper? Bit of a mismatch maybe....would skirts and spats match those up?

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The Evotech front bumper was designed specifically to compliment the gti kit! Ie... "fit in" with the skirts :thumb:


why gti skirts, every 1 has them, they look shite

They look good.... but they ain't groundbreaking.


on a 5-door......


Evotech, M3, ST24



Class, but I thought Prostheta wanted to be a little more adventurous with the styling..... especially after reading about paint options! :thumb:


The only thing to do Mr Prosthetatata is to buy the items which will look good together.... then modify them! If possible, mould an extra lip on a bumper or something.


However this is ever so tricky with the evotech as it's lines flow well for an aftermarket item and extending it down further with a splitter would look silly. It really would look like an add-on.... even if smoothed in professioanly etc etc :(

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I'm trying to keep a pretty simple appearance to the lines of the car - I like the GTi skirts because they're simple and flow easily. Dropping the car by 35mm on 17s would give it a lower stance. Going for that stealth thing you know?


The ST24 rear looks clunky, as does the Street Fighter. A diffuser is too much. Even though i'll need to visit Mr Scrappy for a MK6 rear bumper (ours has the silver plastic stripe) I figure going for GTi skirts and smoothing them out would look mint, especially with our paint ideas.


I think the Evotech front would be a great focal point, with the lines following the car to the back. Again, we're going to replace the existing spoiler with the ESP Designs RS spoiler with integral brake light (which is ripe for modding...heh).


Before we commit, has anyone got any good pics of hybrid skirt/front/rear kits?

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Also, the venting on the top bonnet has been narrowed down to the Celica GT4 style - that way we should be able to ram air directly over the intercooler.


Another crazy-ass idea would be to install two of THESE into the Evotech in lieu of the left/right indicator holes. I might buy one of those right now to see to what extent I can Fcuk with them....front projection laser disco car!!


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