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Exterior plans for 2005 season....


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Haven't had the car in this section for a while!!!


Anyway, these went in a few days after christmas........




Still using the standard seatbelts! But they work well.....


Much comfier than standard escort seats! :O Wouldn't think it looking at them. It's the blackrock fabric and its great 8)


Now for some plans!






A pair of bullet vents from quad conversions..... over the air intake! Gonna have them sitting very close together, and angled approximately how they're shown in the photo.....


Cool louvres also punching loads of vents in at the same time.




Gonna get meself a new exhaust....


Want it to be louder, rasp (a little) less..... and be a 2.5' bore all the way through! Yeah I know it'll rob power, but I won't ever need to change it. Tailpipes are the most difficult decision though. X(




...and this bad boy still ain't on the car! :roll:


As you can see I took the rust in the corner back, and it's only surface rust! Clean as a whistle behind! :thumb:


Right, I could go on for ages, but they're the main mods which will come over the next few months.


If I can't attend shows in the escort, the fiesta will be instead! :D


Big shout out to Dave "T*at features" Chapstick..... for resizin' pics! 8) :O

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