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Hooray :D


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since some ppl r retarded i must make this simple enuf for those ppl :P


I have now been driving for 2yrs, so i have now finished my probationary period...this means that it takes me 12 points to lose my licence instead of 6....u following me so far?.....good \o/


cant believe ive been driving 2yrs X(

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:O you banned??


serious man....u dont half make ur own assumptions :roll: :roll: :P


every1 has a 2yr probationary period where they only have 6 points, if u get those 6points within 2yrs u gotta redo ur tests.


i have finished my probationary period :P hence the "finally got my 12 points and i cant believe ive been driving 2 yrs" :P

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