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Quick question..?


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I know this post should be in the ICE section but i need the advice straight away and will get more response here.


Im running 6.5" comps in my doors at around 150 W rms each and my wire going to them from the x overs will be coming from the boot.


As there running this amount of power i dont want to use the ( ford original wire ) and want to run my own thicker wire through.


How will I do this on a 3dr GTi without cutting any holes in the bodywork..?


Cheers, any replies would be welcomed........ :cheers:

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When i ran my rear speakers in my last 3dr mk5b (it didnt have any lol) - i ran the cable down the side of the car


going backwards from the doors - follow the ford wires from the speakers through the doors into the drivers footwell


...in the drivers footwell unscrew the triangular bit of plastic trim on the right and u will see some other cables behind there and cable clips, you can use these...


then... if u unscrew the plastic trim just behind the door sils theres a cavity undernether it with other wires in there and cable clips etc.


when this trim is off you can run the cables under the carpet in the rear footwell and then carry on under the back carpet under the rear seat and then into the boot...


and exactly the same for the other side


thats how i did it (would do it lol) hope it helps :cheers:

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