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me we olde escort 96 si


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ok im letting go my old escort si 8)

it's state blue, 5 door, si, has 15" gti alloys, air con lecky heated mirrors,

its in very good condition inside and out, il also leave the 12cd multi changer in,

its currently on 53,000 and has got 10 months tax and mot, its also just been waxoyled and undersealed, (using all the proper hammerite stuff)

the one thing thats not great with it is theres some rust coming through under each of the rear lights its very very small and could be easily touched up, i keep meaning to do it but dont get chance, iv actually got the stuff to do it and il throw this in too,

iv owned it a year and a half, and its been serviced regularely, its had an mot standard check every 6 months,

this was my first car and i love it, ;( but its time to move on, it's driven every day for about 30 miles to take me to uni or work,

so make me some offers :thumb:




yeah i know i know, needs a wash, im working on it, :thumb:


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