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Hi, because the 2 lt t/b is 60mm in diameter this is a lot bigger than the 1.8 in terms of surface area. The engine would run to lean, there is only so much a reset of the ecu can do because it still has to work within the preset parameters originally programmed in.

Sorry, the engine will not run lean as you are suggesting.


The MAF is advanced enough to increase the amount of fuel injected accoringly with the (slightly) increased airflow.


In fact, you don't need to touch the ECU even if you install a set of cams!

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Hi, I'm not suggesting that pistons are going to melt or anything that extreme but the 115bhp 1.8 zetec aready runs slightly lean from the factory for fuel economy. The 115 throttle body is approx 40mm if I remember correctly so it is a bit of a jump in throat area, the ford MAF is actually quite crude and restrictive if you compare it to some other makes. Anyway all I was trying to say was that in my opinion if you want to get the best from your engine with mods such as increasing airflow and reducing back pressure then the best thing to do is to get a custom chip for your engine such as the superchip/unichip. My mate has a 2.0 focus and went with a 65mm TB over the standard 60mm combined with a induction kit and unichip got 18bhp over standard.
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i would never use a superchip again :O


they are a rough way of re-mapping your engine for more power, in my case it ran too rich and blew a piston :censored:


i would deffo go for a unichip and get it mapped. its a bit dearer but your engine will be running at optimum performance with the mods u have on :thumb:

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