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its all good


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when u have family that work in car shops


just went lookin for a amp wiring kit , picked up a 300w pack which is 30 quid, with his staff discount, (Plus they was having a 25% discount on all things) i payed just over 6 quid IM VERY HAPPY


and plus picked up a sub on saturday so i ordered a 1000w (big boy) kit, which is 55 quid , again with the staff discount and 25% , im gettin it for 17 quid


im not very happy :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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its called bedford battery, and they just dont sell batterys, brembo brakes , cd players , speakers, quite a few car bits (e.g wipers , gear knobs, neons in and out, and loads loads more



ah yes, they have a branch in Npton too dont they? Rothersthorpe Avenue? Think me mate worked there for a bit :)

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