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Amplifier wiring


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Just wondering where every1 gets there wiring from and what brand to go for. Been down Halfords and Motorworld (Biggest Dissapointment ever) and they only seem to go up2 about 750w cabling.


Ive just ordered 2 x Kenwood 1000w amps



and 2 x 12" 1200w Kenwood KFCW1205DB



any help would b great :thumb:

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ive got realli thick stuff from halfords, massive blue power cable (autoleads i think) its wicked stuff, comes straight off the reel and u can choose the length! i swear by it, its running 2 alpine amps (1 digital 500watt rms) and a 4 channel 500watt max. and 2 alpine type R dual voice coils and it runs them fine mate!

click and scroll down!

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