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Cossie kitted turbo'd cabs on 19's !!!!!&#


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right this is my mates car!! this car will be going to the kent meet if he aint sold it so peolple can see it in the flesh . its a mk5 cabs which has had a rs turbo engine fitted. it has a cossie kit fitted and the front bumper has been changed for a wrc look one . best of all it sits on 19's. !!! this car looks the fu**in bo**ox and every one looks at it.


the car was painted and fitted up last year and only saw the road late last year . cant remember when . october or something!. it had morrettes fitted with them blue lookin bulbs. the car already had the engine in it . it also has a lsd gearbox. the engine runs quiet.


it has been chipped with a -31 actuator, pipercross airfilter, full stainless and had a brand new piper cam fitted last friday.it was rolling road monday and p.t.s. set it up at 180 bhp. they said it would do more if the turn the boost up but they said to live it at 180 bhp and it should be fine.it has a dump valve aswell. it pulls very smooth.


the interior is mint rs2000 stuff and he also got the cosworth banana thingin it with the gauges!! .


it has smoked rear lenses. the wheels were bought new in december. im surethey are tsw. the hood has slight split either side in the corner. the usual place. it went through a mot last friday aswell as getting taxed. there probably more i should say but im going to bed and cant think......


i will get pics in the daylite at the weekend . these ones are just to get the ball rolling . he wants £3995 ono which i think is fair . this car has had a lot of work and money spent on it and even old people look at it!!!!!!!!!!!!










i will get more pics at the weekend cos these just dont do it justice!!!!!!

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