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Teacher's Names

Mike C

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Proper names in black, nicknames in red:


Mrs Medjdoub Fat Bitch

Miss Dawes Double Doors (due to size)

Miss Fidler Ridler (we made her have an attack at school lol)

Mr Tate Spuddy

Miss Holder Jewish Bitch

Miss Billingsley Nippy

Mr Duckmanton Birdy

Mr Bolus Scratch It!!

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Mrs Dobbins (dobbers)

Mrs Howgate (cowgate, she dressed like a hooker)


gonna spend rest of the fkin day thinking who my old teachers were called now...fkin thx k3v :roll:


yeah, i'm still wracking my brains cos i know there was a few more lol!


we had a Mrs. Cavalier who I got suspended for setting fire to lol


we also had a nutty professor kinda guy called Mr. Richardson, but every1 called him Mr. Miyagi cos of what he looked like, and he gave one lad his home phone number once to contact him while he was off about some work, and he got the answering machine, which had his mobile number on, so that got passed round lol, so every break time before a lesson in the science lab, everyone just kept ringing him, screaming MIYAGI down the fone and hanging up, he used to run round shouting, getting sooooooo p155ed off and going bright red with steam coming out of his ears lol, 'twas p155 funny! :baby: :D :roll: :pancake:

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