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MK6 Koni's


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Are they definitely 60mm springs? and what make are the springs? Thought Koni only did 40mm versions.


Would you post them mate?


If they're 60mm Koni springs and you will post, I'll offer £140 posted. :cheers:


I sent 4 springs 1st class just a week ago, and it was less than a tenner :)

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Koni dont make springs, they are usually Chassis Dynamics or Pi in my experiance (although that isn't vast lol)  :thumb:

Ah yes, remember something like that. :)


If they're original springs which came on a Koni 60mm kit, then thats fine.


I just didn't want a mis-match of springs / dampers (gmax springs on these koni's for example). :thumb:

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