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Fiat bravo HGT


Im going to sell my escort gti and get a fiat bravo hgt i think but i dont no much about them exept there a 2.o 2o valve.


How quick are they?

Are they good cars?

I was told they did two models is this true and which one is best?

Has anyone got any pictures of the two?


Thanks Gav

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lmao fiats are rrrrrrrrrrubbish... my dad had one as a company car and all the interior rattled and the gearbox broke and the electrics kept going wrong and....... need i say more.. also my neighbour has and alfa and the first 6 months of ownership were spent with his car broken on the drive or sitting in the repair shop (made by same people in case you didn't know)


you silly boy... :rolleyes:


+ brav(a/o)s are ugly

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Be saine and dont do it.


They have been well known for leaks, rust, more rust, more leaks and overall a cheap car. But again, there are some nice modded cars around.


And look at the JD car survey from top gear. They are always in the low margin and get bad poiints.


Good luck with your decisions.




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Ok. i've had a brava/o(only to sell lol :) ), in my opinion they are quite 'stylish' for the price that is, but as Simon has said build quality is very poor.Part quality is the main concern, tacky plastics/materials and poor mouldings.

If you are unfortunate to buy one, make 100% sure you have the master key, otherwise it is very,very costly indeed to get a spare key because you'll need a new immob system.Al.

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