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General Election!


Who are you most likely to vote for in the forthcoming General Election?  

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First poll, thought I'd make it an important one! :D 8)


Sorry I haven't included any of the minor parties (ie. UKIP, Greens, BNP) so if you want to vote for one of them, click none of the the above :)


This could be interesting!


Currently I beleive it's about:


Labour 35%

Cons. 34%

Lib Dem 19%

Others 12%



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Doh was meant to put conservatives! but put none of the above :evil:


I voted UKIP in the local elections as i dont like europe! but conservatives have similar objectives i think, and they have much more chance of winning so ill be voting for them

not sure about where they are finding all this money from tho X(


Im a bit synical and i reckon that its gonna take a miracle to get this country back into its a shape and to earn the respect it deserves from its fellow countries :)

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Have always voted Conservative since I been able to vote. :thumb:



fcuking pay enough taxes to vote so I'm gonna use that right. It saddens me that loads of people can't be bothered to vote. There's tens of thousands of them - if they took some interest they could well end up changing who the government would be.

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Now where's Peter Snow with the "swingometer" :D  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:


Election die hards will know what I'm going on about!


It's gonna be long night folks. Grab a coffee :thumb:


i think i've watched every election since 1991, spent hours watching 'em, still not gonna vote tho! :roll:

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Who watches Yes, (Prime) Minister? :D Didn't watch it "back in the day" cos I was way to young!


Michael Howard is another "classic legend". Certainly one from that group you wrote.


Jeffrey Archer is legendary, as is Neil Hamilton!


:jaw: bloody hell we've listed a winning cabinet here! :roll:


Where are they? Well Jeffrey Archer is out of jail now I think, and Neil Hamilton is (contrary to his wishes), not in the media :roll:

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lol, it's like a sun "dream team" or summat lol! :baby: 8)


Neil Hamilton is (contrary to his wishes), not in the media :roll:


did any see Louis Theroux, "When Louis Met The Hamiltons"?


2 and half hour special lol, one of the funniest things i've ever seen in my life! :roll:


talk about desperate! :O But fair play, the bloke is funny as fcuk, a real legend

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