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selling car with private plate


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yes put the number plate on retention, you can do a number plate change in 1 day if you take it too the local dvla centre, the nearest one to me is wimbledon or swansea ive changed about 4 plates there and as long as you have paper work for both vehicles old/new and the right fills correctly filled in you can get it done in no time at all


doing it by post takes 6-8 weeks cos theyre soo slow

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You still have to wait for the new log book to arrive by post. My mate id it the other day as he wanted to sell his car. They told him at the DVLA office that he shouldn't attempt to sell his car until the new log book arrived as if the purchaser applied for a new log book in there name they would be sent one with the private plate on. Thus loosing ownership of it.


Hope that is understandable X(

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