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an intro section?


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LOL ok, well ill intro me here then, my name is lee, im only 16, 17 in april, was gonna go for a 1.1 fiesta , but the insurance for that is the same as the insurance for a 1.3 1990 escort! and i love escorts! so thats looking like the plan! will see any of you who are at shows this year as ill be there with www.streetlife.tv as i work for them :D
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lol this place is damn friendly! cheers all! cant wait to meet you all at shows and such like! wil try and get my mate gary on here, he has an escort (not sure on mk, 5 or 6) and its just got full kit and respray! looks real nice, was in workshop working on install for 7 hours today! looking good, if he doesnt join, ill get pics of his car anyway :))
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