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I got the lurgey


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just got in from A & E ;(

policeman came knocking at my door (dads best mate) he said mickies gone to hospital in an ambulance :eek:

at this point i was FPMSL, yeh right!!! :roll:


he was like no he has :( . are you ill? ?(


er no i WAS but now mum has it instead. he said, yeh i know ur mum has, shes banned from the hospital by the paramedics, they dont want her germs :roll: :roll: :roll:


so went up there, dunc being a cop knows the nurses and doctors well :rolleyes:


he said, mickie pyrah, he'll b in minors i expect, id be rather worried if he was in majors :roll:




he was n majors and i was fcuking cackin myself


all dripped up and on a heart monitor :jaw: ;( went up and down a couple of times and made some funny noises, i wish i listening in biology LOL


luckily hes ok, just needs lots of rest, took 4 hours for them to tell us that tho :tired: im knackered


nurses were pretty nice and doctor was good and spoke good english :thumb: :roll:


but i feel bad coz its all my fault ;( coz i got the lurgey and so far ive given it to....


my mum, dad, steve, steves dad


anyone else want some???


im better now, just aching and having stomach pains still from throwing up for so long lmao


proper shook me up tho :( he looked so ill ;( :eek:


still feelin a bit weird, so i apologise if i bite someones head off

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My son, my mother and myself have all had this rotten 'bug' since Christmas and none of us is completely over it yet! I was really worried about mum (she was 85 yesterday and refuses to have anything to do with hospitals) but she has the constitution of an elephant and is recovering better than I.


All the best to your dad Kirsty - he'll be up and running soon I'm sure. :thumb:


Penny :)

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its a right pain this bug... doctors at a & e said its airborn and highly infectious

so ive had every window open in the house trying to send the germs some where else :roll:


and will be giving it a good spring clean with some cleaning stuff that gets rid of germs... cant remember the name lol

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