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Just went to colllect my new boot and door that i wont off ebay for a shocking cost of 99p each.


when we got there there was the door and boot, pick um up seemed ok didnt have a proper look. there was a rs2000 bonnet sitting behind it all he asked if i was after a bonnet i wasked how much..... was expecting somethin like the norm, he says 10 quid lol! as we didnt stop off at a cash machine asked rich if he had any change, he had 7 quid, and i had a spare 2 so that made 9 quid! he said ok! so bonus bargin buy rs2k bonnet 9 quid :D as i picked up the boot a row of mk5 window switches fell out lol he asked if i wanted um... why not :D :thumbs:


Got home, and had a proper look.. so ive got!


Rs2000 bonnet, theres a couple of large dents on the front and deep scratches through the paint as u can see.






A drivers side door with leccy mirror! and mirror and switch for the mirror attached, also delocked to perfection!






escort cabbie boot beautiful! virtually no rust also delocked to perfection, with remote boot release inside!!!!



how nice is that for delocking!



and a set of 4 window switches..


all for.........




So i am one bloody happy man :D


P.S ta rich for the lift good old escorts eh :thumbs:

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