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Can't really help you with a shop coz your not from my area of kent.

All i can say is don't just go for the cheapest, most of the time they're shite. Try going round the second hand car sale dealers, ask who they use. you need someone you can trust.


If you can get the kit modded and ready to fit it'll save you some money. :)

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alright mate, try knights road in strood, there is a place called altered image, they are meant to be really good, well everytime i have gone past there have been plenty or touring cars down there so i think they might know thier stuff....lol....its only a small place. head towards molly's breakers and turn right under the bridge its up on the left hand side, you will see a big container up front, its down the side of that. i know it sound all inconspicious (sp) but i know impossible performace use them. hope this helps. :thumb:
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