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I was out in croydon last night i saw this R plate black GTi doing laps round the town centre, i was driving and just couldnt resist pulling along side the punk 18 year old driving and leaving him for dead off the lights!


made my evening :D

lmao! I've never understood these scrotes who "cruise" around town centres at night.


Ohh, I had me a quick little race t'other week. My first actually. I pulled up at the lights and marginally went over the stop line. Spotty teen next to me in his corsa with rims & 'zorst starts revving wildly. So I blasted away from him over the 1/4 mile stretch to the next set of lights where I pulled into the third lane (in front of him, while he was still trailing) coz I had to turn right. So he pulls up on the left of me, revving, thinking its round two.. then attempts to blast off as the lights change, but I turn into the business park. Lol, kids. :rolleyes:


..but in response to the original post, I'm a 23yr old guy :thumb:

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