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morrette wiring diagram


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What are you having problems with? Is it the snap on connectors?


I had problems at first, but i've settled for a different style of the quads working.


I bought a 12v/30A relay from Motorworld and mounted it on the glowplug timer bracket on the passenger side in the engine bay, and tapped the main beam feed to the coil. That switches the battery feed to the inner pair of lamps, so when you're dipped, you have two low level beams and when you switch to main you have high beams and the two inners active. When I install my Evotech, i'm planning on having two extra 100w halogens in the bottom switchable on the same circuit ;-)

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Yeah - the main lamps connect up to the original Ford connections, but the inner lamps are left to their own devices. I'd recommend getting a multimeter and checking out which wire going into the main lamp reads 12v when your main beams are on, and snapping the one of the middle lamps snap connectors to that, and the other to earth. I only used a relay to switch 'em as I have 100w halogens in the centre pair :-)
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