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who wants a laugh


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as you all know i'v bin waiting to get my boot flushed myself, well this mornin i woke up to find that sum Whacker and chiseled (i know this coz thechisel was on the car) all around my boot where the fiberglass was, so i re fibred as quik as poss and just threw sum paint and laca on (since it was rainin last night and water got on it)


(it is getin sprayed soon lol)





LMAO iwas cryin wit lafter when i took the paper away haah

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yet again, i just stood there laughing, i thoguht the same


'wtf was he thinking?'


been spreading the word, and SEEMLY its sum kids, think that behind the 'concrete on my boot' is a massive hole and you can nick my sound system......neighbour told me this when she came in...the bitch lol nowt like telin me last night when it fookin happened...

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Little fuckers mate! :curse:


..... 8o but also glad to hear Kent is worse. Wrong area of Kent and you're just asking for trouble!


Actually amazed my car wasn't touched during an evening in Margate! Have learned for next time, not that they'll be one :roll: :roll: :roll:


So matey, is 8k going on this beast, or a different escort????


I know u like the mk5 front, but not the fact the newest are like M-reg.... so how about you buy a mk6 and put mk5 front gear on it!!! :thumb:


Real unique mod, plus a car up to X-reg! :D


Good sense imo 8)

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