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what else would i need


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when i get all the bodykit sorted and stuff


im going to get a rear disc conversion, ive got the beam sorted , and got a quote from halfords today for 280mm black diamond combi, with pads which is 200 quid i think , he then said for me to have such a big disc , i would need something like rs2000 calipers or cossie 1's , is this true also would there be anything else i need for the job, and depending on where the beam comes from would that depend on what discs i order, cause i wouldnt be orderdin for a mk6 escort, say if the beam was of a rs2000, i would need to order for that car, true or not





4.calipers ?

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you need rs2k rear brake hoses, rs2k beam, rs2k brake discs, they're 270mm i think, Mk6 rs rear handbrake cable, callipers n pads :thumb:


Most beams you get would have discs, pads n caillipers with it!! :thumb:


(like mine for sale, see for sale section) :D

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