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N829 UTA


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Yeah - where fuckwads leave shopping trolleys in the middle of the park, and the drainage covers are always coming off....


Toby (my AM) used to have a blue Punto Sporting with medium pimping gold alloys which you'd usually see parked outside of ours....he wrote that off big style when some stupid cow pulled out on him on the Beastmarket Hill roundabout. I think it was you guys out on the park one Tuesday night when he pulled a huge handbrake turn in a MK4 Escort he'd been lent by Italian Car Services....

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oh right, next time im on their i'll look out for your car. the car does sound good when you floor it and thats down to the induction pipe that was made and the green twister that is on it too which is abit louder than the kn filter.but now ive put a decat pipe on it which the burble sound it makes is'nt so loud now but its made it accelorate beta though. just need to stop it from rasping alot because its slightly blowing abit. you can tell vicki she can drive it if she wants or if im down there and you've finished work, you can drive it if you want.

i remember the blue punto because one night last year my mate and i were in the uno turbo racing it down the a46 to lincoln




I (sometimes) work at Carpetright. Saw you on the park this afty...my Escort was parked opposite the store...our RSA Vicki likes the brap your engine thunders out ;-)

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Hahaha....nicely ;-) Some dumb old munter pulled out on him at the Waitrose roundabout in a Pug and spat his car onto the island....raced Toby in his Punto once with my TDi and matched him for top speed easily, although his pulled off like Jacko visiting Great Ormond St.


I'm back at work on Monday, but Toby'll be running me in his Almera whilst my cars in for a bit of cosmetics....Vicky would love to hoon your car around BTW ;-) hahaha

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