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Urgh Fords !!!!


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..... Ok heres the things that have gone wrong the last couple of months ;


* Clutch - Now New

* Wheel Bearings - Now New

* Rear Drums - Now New

* Rad Hose - Now New

* Tyres X 2 - Now New

* Front Disks - Now New

* Calipers - Now New

* Whipers - 3 New Ones


The Problems Now (Any Help Appraited)


* Passanger Window - Blows Fuse & Cuts Out

* Central Locking - Got locked in my car today

* Creeking Noise - Driving me god dam nuts, not decided if its my suspesion or engine mounts but basically when i give it gass and let of the accel it creeks very loudly, doesnt do it in 5th when theres not much lift from the engine so engine mounts ??

* Hole in carpet , below the accel :roll:

* Speedo - OMG , no matta how many times i change it, its always 10mph+ out, it wont reset back to 0mph and actually give a accurate reading !!

* Doors Sagg'd


These all new problems this month, god dam fords !!!! Everytime i ring fords wiv a different problem they always say ' yea its a common problem' !! whats not a common problem ? for them to work for more then a month :roll: :roll:


- Anywayz any help would be appraited :)


EDIT ; * Hand Break, What hand break ??

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