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Kazaa and other P2P networks,


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when i changed from kazza to kazaa lite last year, i saved my half downloaded, well downloads,


for example they come up as download1138767459045 etc in the 'My Shared Folder' Folder,



is there any other programs i can use that would recognise these downloads and continue downloading them in that program?


cos as im on 56k i want to be able to prioritise which is downloaded in what order etc...


i know you can do it in k-lite but its a pain doin it every single time i start the program up,


and also is there a way in K-Lite i can get it to download the smallets (total) sized files first? cos mine wont do it when i click the tab at the top of the Download window

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Bin Kazaa or K lite or any sherman network product


u will never be able to complete those downloads


in fact since kazaa became pay per leech its complete poop

and only thing on it are viruses


go get shareaza or azureus and use lokitorrent.com or other torrent sites to find torrents


mufftorents.com for porn!


sharezaa has to be configured for firewalls read the FAQ's on shareaza's main page for a guide how to open ports in SP2 firewall


WINMX for mp3's


u will need to open ports for winmx also

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