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Stuff At Dartford Crossing

Mike C

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Spotted this Alain Menu touring car Mondeo. After overtaking it, well the thing pulling it lol, saw it had some very un-touring-car-like and more rally slag style 18" OZ Chronos on it




also spotted a smart looking modded mk6 Cab, reg no. "K3VS E" going into the next toll booth, but wasn't still for long enuff to get a pic lol





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Just found it on Passionford




:drool:  8)  :thumb:



swallowed ya pride then? :D


54 posts too :O


love ya name, just need the link in ya sig ;) , not enough people do that ?(


will get it sorted, just getting someone to Re-size my EVO sig, stupid fcukin' rules! :nutter: :baby:

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