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if you were a....


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suitcase little pocket


rucksack side pocket


top draw at the back - down the back


bottom of the cd box


im comin to rob your house now cos i bet thats where you kepp yer spare cash too!

Ive lost my passport too...License should always be somewhere in purse...unless you have lost that aswell........try cupboards and files....if u have any!? :D

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Photo Identification

EUjet is a ticketless airline, therefore you do not need a ticket to travel with us. Simply turn up at check-in with your Reservation Number and your photo identification.

Acceptable forms of ID on UK domestic and Republic of Ireland flights:

A valid passport

An expired passport no more than 2 years after expiry

Valid photographic EU national identity card

Valid photographic EU driving license

Valid armed forces identity card

Valid police warrant card / badge

Valid airport employees security identity pass

Child up to 14 years of age on parent's passport

CitizenCard - visit www.citizencard.net for more details

Valid Government-issued identity card


Acceptable forms of ID for international travel:

a. Passengers travelling on international flights must carry valid documentation for travel including a passport and up to date visa if required.


b. Travel to the Czech Republic requires that passports must be valid for a period of six months after the date of arrival and should be valid for six months after the date of departure.


c. Children over the age of 15 must have their own passports to travel. Rules about children travelling on the passport of their parents will be strictly enforced - see children.

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