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I wanna Cry!


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Hacked off... BIG style!! :censored:


Going to work this afternoon, pootling along at 60mph down a road i use all the time. Comes up to some railway lines and I remembered that its quite bumpy, so i slowed down to 45mph ish and BANG!!! big feck off pothole and one ruined RS7 ;( ;( ;( :nutter: :nutter: :vangry: :vangry:


the wheel now catches on the coilver and i had to put an old wheel off my mk6. at best, its just a knackered wheel, at worst, new hub, buckled wheel, damaged coilover, but tbh i cant see it being that bad... :curse: i had to get me dad out (good ol' Dad :cheers: ) to bring me the Jack and a "new" wheel, which incidently doesnt rub, so now its on 3 RS7's and one ACE


but still, if the hubs ok, the tub will be on my old ACE wheels for Kent, which i'm gutted about and if the hubs buggered, Kent will be looking doubtful ;(


gonna get onto the council tomorro, first thing, try and sort some sort of compo out and the pot holes have been there for weeks. i shoulda remembered really, but still, they shoulda been fixed ages ago.

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I'm thinking it must be a pretty big pot hole to wreck an RS7! :O


They're thick spoked wheels, and being Ford, will be strong too (compared to normal aftermarket alloys).


Hope the GAZ unit is unharmed. It's gas damping isn't it? Not as easy as standards where fliud just pees out :roll:

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Just thought... surely the rear wheel went through the pot hole too???


This very situation was the fate of my first 17s :roll:


The 17s on one side of my car were distorted, even thoguh the rear one had much less weight on it.


Good news if it's only the front! :) :)

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tis shitty bad luck that mate :( hope the damage is limited :D



bugger :(  doubt you'll get compo will you?



Ross got your old un home safe, tried plugs and leads, no luck, MAF sensor is next. Paul nearly wrote it off 15 mins after i'd bought it though :rolleyes:  :roll:

YES rosswell - RED means STOP LMAO! :roll:


*Note to self - must get new brakes sorted... :innocent:

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bad luck there buddy but you must go for compensation mate!!!


A friend of a friend was in the exact situation as you, she went and took pics of the hole noted the exact time it happened and after a good few months they paid out! You should get the compo if its a definate fault with the road, threaten solicitors and everything!!! The roads in this country are a disgrace! Make something out of em!

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