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remote central locking


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So my scort already has central locking but want a fob :)


I know you can add an alarm but since ford fitted one (all be it not that good?) I don;t want t spend £300 to get a decent one just for remote central locking.


I know you can get kits for them but the alarm place near me said that it'd be £140 all in 8o


is that really the cost or do people know where to get them from?



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depending on how willing you are to tinker with the car, you could fit one your self,

i bought a remote locking kit from ebay for £15, has two fobs, a siren, the locking unit, a little dash LED, and all the wiring, it had been used to i had to replace the wiring loom and the LED, but wrote to SPAL (who made it), and they sent me some new ones free of charge with some instructions,

so i fitted it in 2 hours,

remote locking for £15,

worth a look i think,

the fobs also have, lock, unlock, and an auxillery button, use that to unlock the boot,

theres much better ones out there, but they cost more, and they have lots of useless features in my opinion, :drunk:

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What does the deadlocking do? and how i do it lol.

(guessing your on the driver side,

you normally turn the key towards the left (rear of the car) to unlock,

and the right (front of the car) to lock it

if you turn the key just right to lock it, it simply locks the doors,

if you turn it left and hold for a second, then right it'll lock the doors and activate the alarm and imobiliser and deadlocks,

i think thats it,

any way the second ways deffinatly the safest way,

its covered in your lil handbook,

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What does the deadlocking do? and how i do it lol.


you 'lock' the wrong way 1st when turning the key :thumb:


puts an extra bar across somewhere or something



as you well know, cos i've told you often enough, you're at the top of my list of "why did you bother getting a remote locking alarm" :roll: :P

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