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Hi, bit of a strange one here but I've almost finished my car and gone to some lenghts to keep the weight down to improve the power to weight ratio of the car, However it not a race car so the interior etc is still in the car and now I need some sounds. I intend to build a removable box for two 12" subs in the boot for when I'm going to track days etc. What I want to know is if anyone can tell me of some decent sounding 6x9's and component speakers for the doors that aren't to heavy? and also some decent amps to power the subs and 6x9's that don't weigh as much as an engine block? I also plan to attach the subs to the back of the sub box so I can remove them as well, what about quick disconnects?

Any general tips on minmising wiring and light weight sub box construction would also help?

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sub boxes are usually made of 18mm mdf. pretty heavey.


but you could get a double sub box, mount the amps to the back of it and tack the wires from the ampts to the sub to the box to keep it tidy


then all that will be needed is a screw driver to undo 3 screws (power, earth and remote cables) from the amp and it will lift out.

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What's the engine mate! :cheers:  ?(


Hi, 2.0 zetec, rebuilt and balanced. Gasflowed head, fast road cams, verniers, twin 45's with weber alpha management. Hoping for over 200bhp when I get It set up and rollin roaded!


:drool: :drool:


cool, you got a loan or a pot of gold stashed away somewhere?!!!! :D

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ross surly yours could be getting somewhere near that withabit more work?


yeah easy but with a 25k loan hanging over my head for another 5 years and a mortgage to pay i'm well fucked for the meantime ;(



ahh yeah, id like to do summat like that engine but with what im earning atm it aint possible, but over the summer i will be able to save abit.

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