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3 things Ian or Stoo

Mk6 Si Ross

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Can we have the time of posts back in 24hr clock style?????


You better update the old link cos is still says that the forums are unavailable.


Why we only got 15 threads per screen, will take all nite to read and reply to about 3 screens worth of threads!!!!!


I`ve said my piece!!!!!!

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the link on the site, is to this bb, must be on your cache ;)


yeh ill make it about 30 threads per page


dunnoo bout the clock (should be able to)


andyes i am aware that yo can subscribe to a post

1. What cash????? i`m skint!!!


2. Good.


3. It could do with being correct too!!!! ;)


4. I said can you? if you can, how??????

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