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Sticky Valves


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what exactly do these sound like? as i'm sure i have a sticky valve on number 4 somwhere,


it sounds kinda like the tappets on a hcs but only one, if you get what i'm sayin X(


i read that on the early zetec engines (mine was replaced with a low miler from an N reg as it blew) that you have to use a different type of oil. anybody got any info on this.

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Hi, Firstly you have to make sure you're using the correct grade of oil. Zetec's can be very sensitive to anything except 5W30 Synthetic. The early zetec's were prone to sticking valves especially when cold. Ford were replacing the whole head under warrenty for a while. Do you know if this was done?


If you are using the correct oil then they may be some sludgy desposits lodged at the valve in question. Try an engine flush additive for a couple hundred miles and then replace your fliter and oil with fresh 5W30 synthetic.


Failing this there may be wear to the valvetrain components, It would probally be best to get the head checked out by a professional or obtain a head from one of the later model zetec engines that did not suffer from this problem.

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