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Power Or Looks??


Power Or Looks???  

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imo power, if it doesnt look great wot does it matter? u make a car look good wen u cant afford to make it powerful, wen u can afford the power u can usually afford the looks 2, so u get the best of both worlds, if i had to choose tho it wud always be power....mr bling bling corsa can sit happy doing 0-60 in 12 secs, ill do it 6 or less thx :thumb:
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im going for looks, but i like subtle stuff. steering away from escorts as an example i go with fiestas, when people buy a fiesta and put a jap kit on. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT, it looks crap and they know it lol, they just think they can get in with the jap crowd but they cant :))


ANYWAY yer, i went for looks cos i like a car too look real nice, but i also like power, and ICE :D

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ideally both (esc cos etc) but power will always be top priority :thumb:


people who say looks come first must be so vain :roll:  :))


But a Cossie is 'just' a mk5 escort Lee?


IMO, i'd go for power, ive had lookers, and then swapped for Power (and a few looks lol), but nothing I have ever owned brought a smile to my face like the turbo did after beating a M3 or Scooby. 8) Now i fancy being a sheep and going for both!! :devil:

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it makes me laff all the people that say they have the last laff when they leave u standing, they're probably laffing just as much saying it don't matter how fast it goes, you've still got a sh1t looking car


hence why power and looks are both important IMO, u don't get either, but looks defo come 1st every time as long as the car ain't so slow that it's a chore to drive lol

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